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Why It's Important to Hire a Legal Pet Sitter

Pet care is more than just belly rubs. It’s more than just grabbing a leash and tossing a tennis ball. It’s a professional service and a passion.

As a paw parent and a full-time entrepreneur, I understand it’s ruff to take the time to care for our pets as they deserve. With that in mind, I wanted to create a service catered to our fur babies and their paw parents.

“Stress-free” and “Peace of mind” are common phrases pet sitters use to attract new clients, but what does that mean for a paw parent?

Anyone can enter your home and fill up the bowl with kibble. RubyRed’s Pet Care, LLC goes beyond that. We see what most inexperienced pet sitters don’t. While belly rubs are part of the service, we also look for abnormal behavior; we look for things that may look out of place in the home and hone in on what your pet is communicating to us. We strive to build lasting relationships with the fur kids and their families.

I have often heard the horror stories of inexperienced pet sitters forgetting to care for the pets, leaving the homes dirty, ransacking the fridge and pantry, and home items going missing while causing undue stress to the pet and parent.

Pet care is a responsibility that we take seriously. Our Pack Leaders possess years of professional experience in veterinarian care, animal rescue, vivarium, forestry, and wildlife experience.

RubyRed’s Pet Care, LLC is an insured, bonded, and legally licensed business in the Town of Irmo and Richland County. We are registered as a limited liability company with the Secretary of State of South Carolina. We invest in the proper training of animal CPR and First Aid and vet our pack leaders through OccuScreen, LLC to ensure we hire safe and trustworthy pack leaders.

You wouldn’t hire an inexperienced or unlicensed plumber, so why would you hire an unlicensed pet sitter?

Save yourself from a horror story and hire a professionally licensed pet sitting business.

To learn more about what we do and the furry pack we care for, visit us at

We appreciate your support of our small business!

Many tail wags,

Ruby Ballesteros, Owner/Pack Alpha

RubyRed's Pet Care, LLC

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