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Our mission

The mission of RubyRed’s Pet Care, LLC is to set the standard of professional pet care in the Midlands. We strive to earn the trust of our Pet Parents by offering peace of mind and alleviating the stress of leaving their pets in the care of others.  We are proud to offer outstanding pet care services using technology, innovation, and customizable care for our Pack that goes beyond treats and belly rubs.


2022 small business
of the year


“I tell folks that I am a "Big City Farm Girl." I grew up in Houston, TX having pets since I was five. My grandparents lived on a small ranch in south Texas, where I played with the farm animals on their ranch during the summertime. There is a wonderous beauty in connecting with animals and appreciating who they are.

As a paw parent and a full-time entrepreneur, I understand it's ruff to take the time to care for our pets as they deserve. With that in mind, I want to create a service catered to our fur babies and their paw parents. Pet care is more than just belly rubs. It's a professional service and a passion.”


- RubyRed, Pack Alpha

RubyRed is also a proud member of:

  • Optimist Int'l, Irmo Chapter as Vice President

  • Greater Irmo Chamber Diplomat

  • Greater Chapin Chamber Ambassador

  • Pet Sitters Int’l Member

  • U.S. Army Iraq Veteran (OIF/OEF)

Rubyred Pack Leaders



Shaun has over 17 years of animal care experience with 7 years in Veterinarian care. He is also possesses Animal Lab and Radiology certification, experience in Primate and Vivarium care, Animal Control, and belly rubs! 

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Caroline has over 5 years of Professional Pet Care experience from vet tech assistance, Great Pyrenees Rescue and is an educator for youth!

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Taylor is our young Apprentice. She is an excellent student of The Center for Advanced Technical Studies, excelling in her studies in the veterinary care and grooming field. She will attend the Piedmont Technical College in the fall to earn her certification as a veterinary technician! 

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Future Pack Leader

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Dog Dressed as Butterfly

Rubyred Pack members

Become a RubyRed Pack member and follow our furry adventures. 

We appreciate your support!

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