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Hurricane Pet Preparedness

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Don’t get your tail caught in the storm of unpreparedness!

Hurricane Season begins June 1st and ends Nov 30th but did you know that September is the most active month for hurricanes? Better start the hoard shopping! (Just kidding!) While the skies are clear, begin to prepare before it rains Cats and Dogs.

And while you’re stocking up on emergency supplies (like toilet paper), don’t forget your animal companions! Here are some tips on preparing your furry babies for the cones of uncertainty.

  1. First and foremost, PLEASE do not abandon your pets. They trust you to love and care for them, and this includes during times of weather disasters.

  2. Make a family safety plan that includes your pet, and stick to it! Changing plans at the last minute can lead to disastrous results for the whole pack.

  3. Prepare a Pet Emergency Kit as you would for your human family members. The kit should include the basics of sufficient food, water, medications, a first-aid kit, and identification such as ID tags and microchips. For a complete list, visit

  4. If evacuation is a possibility, identify pet-friendly shelters and hotels. Your local health or local emergency departments may be able to assist you with an evacuation plan that includes your pet. Below is a list of websites for locating pet-friendly places:

5. Make arrangements with friends or family members that may be able to care for them

if you’re not home. Your local pet sitter should NOT be an option as they too are preparing for a disaster!

6. Stay calm! As you know, pets are excellent readers of human emotion. If you panic, so

will they, which can cause your sweet baby to become defensive, try to escape, or hide in hard-to-reach areas. To help to keep your pets calm, have a kennel/crate ready or try pet calming relaxants.

There are tons of resources out there to help you better prepare your furry tribe for the ickiest of weather. You can always take your human emergency list and duplicate it doggy style.


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