2022 small business
of the year


"Pet care is more than treats and belly rubs. It's a passion, and I am humbled to be nominated for this prestigious award alongside so many pawtastic small business owners in the Great Town of Irmo!"


- RubyRed, Pack Alpha

Our missionis simple.



are covered in Fur, Slobber, and sometimes Poo.

We deal with a lot of poo for a living, and we love every minute of it! We are an IN-HOME PET CARE service company providing invaluable services for pet owners, particularly those who travel frequently or have long work hours. We offer dog walks and play sessions, pet sitting services, pet transportation, and more! To learn about our pawsome services, visit our Rates page. 

Hiring a pet sitter doesn't have to be scary when you hire a professional.                               And see why it's impawtant to hire a professional RubyRed Pack Leader.

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The Horrors of Hiring a Pet Sitter

We service Irmo, parts of Lexington and Columbia within a 10-mile radius from the 29063 zip code area.


To determine if you are within range, use the Post Office address at 7821 St. Andrews Rd, Columbia SC 29063 in your GPS.

Outside Service area: 1-10 miles $10/service...11-20 miles $20/service

We strive in providing the highest level of pet care and that involves having the right tools on hand.  GPS tracking of your pets, report cards, online scheduling, adorable photos, and more!