New IC To-Do List


To get started, here is a helpful checklist to complete and become a successful independent contracted pet-preneur with RubyRed’s Pet Care, LLC.

  1. Fully familiarize yourself with all links on the RubyRed’s Pet Care, LLC website.

  2. Fully familiarize yourself with RubyRed’s Pet Care, LLC's Terms and Conditions.

  3. Review and sign the Contractor Agreement, a W-9, the background check disclosure form, and the background check authorization form, which will all be emailed to you through an online signing service.

  4. Add “” to your email list of approved senders.

  5. Download the Scout for Dog Walkers app onto your phone. You can find Scout for Dog Walkers in both the Google Play Store (Androids) and the Apple App Store (iPhone).  Activate your Scout for Dog Walkers account and complete your User profile after receiving log-in information from RubyRed’s Pet Care, LLC. Explore the app and take a look at these helpful articles on the Scout for Pets website.

  6. Add RubyRed’s Pet Care, LLC as an "additional insured" on your insurance policy. (See Insurance Info Sheet)

  7. Learn what it means to be an Independent Contractor vs. an Employee if you do not already have this information. Be sure to have a plan in place for withholding your taxes and making deductions on equipment, supplies, and mileage. Download apps to track these deductions (various apps available).

  8. Depending on your service area(s), you may be required to obtain a business license as an independent contractor. Please check with your service area(s) ordinances if one is needed.  Please submit a copy of your business license for the record.


For example, Richland County states:

“Contractors: All independent contractors (those paid by a business with the IRS Form 1099) who conduct business in the unincorporated areas of Richland County must have their own business license. The business’ business license does not cover the independent contractor. This applies not only to construction contractors but to ALL companies or individuals who are working for another company based upon a contract.”


  1. Establish yourself as an LLC, Sole Proprietor, or DBA to earn an extra 5% commission. Submit a copy of your Articles of Organization for the record.

  2. Prepare a kit with the following supplies for all adventures: high-value treats, bags for waste disposal, spare leashes, spare ID tags with your information, an extra cell phone battery, citronella spray such as SprayShield, a small first aid kit, and freshwater storage.

  3. If you will be transporting dogs in your vehicle:

    1. Provide a photocopy or scanned electronic copy of your car insurance.

    2. Prepare a car safety kit with jumper cables, flares or reflective markers, a cell phone charger, chains, a flashlight, an emergency whistle, an extensive first aid kit, and extra water.

    3. Prepare safe car care for transported dogs using tethers, grates, crates, and dog restraint systems. Once developed, please detail the secure restraint system you have in place and send it to RubyRed’s Pet Care, LLC Manager. (To learn more about dog restraint in cars, please read the following three links: Best Dog Harnesses for Car Travel: Crash-Tested & Safety Certified (K9 of Mine); We Need to Talk About Keeping Dogs Safe in Cars (Outside Magazine); Center for Pet Safety Certified Products.)

    4. Make a sign for your car, telling people that you are a dog trainer doing pick-ups and drop-offs, that dogs are not left alone longer than ten minutes, and with your cell phone number for folks to call if anyone is concerned.