Dog Walking Expectations

While everyone walks their dogs in their ways for their reasons, following a few ground rules will help you stay on good terms with neighbors and fellow dog owners and keep everyone safe!

For a successful Dog Walking service, Contractors should complete the following:

1. Use an Appropriate Leash.

NEVER use retractable leashes!  One good pull from the dog and you will lose control of the leash and thus the dog and severe injury or damage may occur.  If you are not in an off-leash area, such as a dog park, you should always have your dog on a leash during your walk. While your dog may have excellent recall, there's no telling what might trigger him to bolt or involve him in a contentious situation with either another dog or a person. Not everyone wants to be approached by your dog, no matter how cute he is. Keeping him on a leash is an easy way to maintain peace. (Recall training is best done in a contained area such as your backyard or a dog park, places that offer space without the risk of cars, joggers, or evil mail carriers.) 

2. Be Respectful.

This goes for people and property alike. When it comes to other people, don't let your dog run up to or jump on them—frankly, it isn't polite. Also, refrain from clotheslining your fellow pedestrians: keep your dog close so others can pass you without fear of falling.

And while we understand how specific dogs can be about where they potty, do your best to keep them off neighborhood lawns. Landscaping is expensive and time-consuming, and dog pee is a lawn killer. Some neighbors may have "No Pee/Poop" signs.  Please respect those signs!

3. Pick Up Your Dog's Poop.

Seriously. Just do it. It's not a fertilizer, it's damaging to the environment, and nobody wants to step in it. People who fail to pick up after their dogs give all of us a bad name. Don't be that person.

4. Be Cognizant.

You are responsible for your dog, so be aware of his behavior and interactions. If he's jumpy, gets in another dog's face, barks, or wraps his leash around others, stop him. Know when a situation is getting unfriendly and act accordingly.

Don't let your dog approach other dogs while they are eliminating—it's distracting for the dog and frustrating for the owner, who's no doubt keen on her dog completing this function. Sometimes friendly pups can't resist saying hello.  To prevent any serious incidents, it's best to avoid any interactions.  This includes people too! 


Other considerations for excellent customer service:

  • In the event of anticipated lateness, alert the client and RubyRed's Pet Care, LLC Manager via text or phone call.

  • Start service through the Scout for Pets app upon pick-up.

  • Treat a client's home and property with care and respect at all times.

  • Behave professionally at all times. Assume your behavior can be seen, heard, and recorded at any time while in or around a client's home.

  • Do not invite or allow any other people onto a client's property or in a client's home. This includes boyfriends, girlfriends, family members, friends, children, or any other person. The insured RubyRed's Pet Care, LLC Contractor, is the only person allowed in a client's home and on a client's property. Failure to abide by this restriction will result in immediate termination of the contract.

  • Do not allow any animals other than the client animals into a client's home unless specific arrangements have been made with both the client and RubyRed's Pet Care, LLC Manager. This includes a Contractor's animals or other RubyRed's Pet Care, LLC client animals.

  • Take photographs of client dogs for the report card.

  • Manage undesirable behavior for all animals (resource guarding, leash reactivity, mouthiness, bullying, mounting, etc.).

  • Follow all client instructions for home care, including security requests (i.e., locking doors and setting alarms).

  • Dispose of all animal waste in the proper receptacle.

  • Notify both the client and the RubyRed's Pet Care, LLC Manager if an animal appears sick or injured in any way or if there has been a notable behavior change.

  • Notify both the client and the RubyRed's Pet Care, LLC Manager if any items in the home break or anything in the home appear to need repair.

  • Stop service through the Scout for Pets app upon drop-off.

  • Fill out a spell-checked and grammar-checked report card through the Scout for Pets app once per night, including a write-up, photos, and answers to prompted questions.

  • Refrain from alcohol, drug use, and cigarette smoking while in the client's home or on the client's property. Be completely sober from drugs and alcohol in the client's home and on the client's property, and while operating a vehicle.

  • Fill out the "Private Note" field on the client's Scout for Pets profile with helpful information once you have gotten to know the clients and the dog(s).